Preussen-Ringer meets South African Youth Team from Pretoria

8. November 2016
Trainingscamp_South African_Youth_2016Last weekend, we had people from South Africa visiting us at our wrestling club. 21 young wrestlers between 10 -15 years old - several of them are national champions - from the area of the south african capital pretoria stayed 3 days in Berlin.
Two joint training sessions with all together 40 wrestlers gave all participants an enormous boost.

Head coach and organizer Prof. Fanie Vermaark sayed thanks to all people. "It was a honour to pratice with you guys."

We also say thanks to coach Daniel Wilde from the sports school of Leipzig who leads the fantastic training sessions with Winfried Gaul and Christoph Köhn. Daniel has started wrestling at the Preussen-Ringer at coach Matthias Ringel around 25 years ago.

The south african team will stay two days in Luckenwalde und two days in Leipzig bevor they are participating at the tournament in Kleinostheim.

We wish all the best and a little better weather during the stay in Germany.

Thanks to Simone Reinke for the following pictures.

H. Gensicke

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