Amazing training sessions with centurio wrestling club from south africa

02. Dezember 2018
Wrestling_Training_Centurio_Club_PretoriaLast weekend, the second time after 2016, we had the pleasure to receive the visit from centurio wrestling team from Pretoria (South Africa). We had two combined training sessions with 30 young wrestlers between 9 and 16 years. The program includes  technical training, practicing combat situations, training fights but also a plenty of fun, some games and excitement.


The South Africans stayed 10 days in Germany. At first they visit the 22. Philipp-Seitz wrestling tournament in Kleinostheim, then the team stayed some days at the sports scools in Leipzig and Luckenwalde. The last weekend the group stayed in Berlin and had two training sessions with our wrestling team. On saturday they did also cultural exchange and sightseeing in the capital of Germany.

The training sessions have been instructed by the coaches W. Gaul, E. Fraede and Sloane Goosen (Centurio wrestling). Thanks for the fantastic cooperation. 

We also say thanks to Kati, Hanna and Tina for the warm hospitality for all participants.

We got the offer for a revisit to Pretoria in 2020. We will of course starting the plans in the next weeks....

Interessting Links


- Report from training session in 2016

Thanks to Simone Reinke for the pictures.

H. Gensicke 

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